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We have extensive experience of carrying out research with a broad range of stakeholders/opinion formers. These consultations are often complex in nature, as demonstrated by the recent example below:

The Yorkshire and Humber Assembly commissioned DJS to carry out an evaluation of Investment Planning in the Yorkshire and Humber region. The evaluation spanned all six Objectives of the Regional Economic Strategy.

DJS carried out 40 in-depth telephone interviews with a broad cross-section of stakeholder types, including: Members of Local Strategic Partnerships; Local Authorities; Jobcentre Plus; LSC; Business Link; Chamber of Commerce; Universities and Colleges; Stakeholders from the private and voluntary sectors. Interviews covered key issues such as:

  • The impact that Investment Planning has had on the sub-regional economies; 
  • The engagement of the public, private and voluntary and community sectors in developing the key successful projects and activities delivered through Sub regional Investment Planning. 

DJS prepared a report which was used as the basis for recommendations to Yorkshire Forward regarding how the process should be shaped and improved for the move to Geographic Programmes. Yorkshire Forward said:

"The DJS team were incredibly professional and accommodating. They were also able to produce a well-written and evidenced report in a quick time. We received excellent feedback on the conduct and friendly nature of the DJS interviewers and the wider team and have since recommended DJS to our colleagues in other regions."

The range of stakeholder and opinion former research projects that we have carried out is diverse, as illustrated by the examples below:

  • Skills for Health: Qualitative consultation (face-to-face interviews) with a range of healthcare sector stakeholders, such as C.E.Os of NHS Trusts. Examined views of Skills for Health and perceptions of emerging issues in the healthcare sector.
  • Learndirect: In-depth interviews with a range of opinion formers to discuss opportunities for transferring learndirect’s offer to the interactive digital television market. We carried out qualitative research with a range of opinion formers including: Platform providers (Sky, Virgin etc), broadcasters (BBCi and commercial broadcasters), independent iDTV design, advertising and production companies, and industry bodies (e.g. Ofcom).
  • Collections Trust: Online survey with professionals in the Museums, Libraries and Archives sector to examine the impact of orphan works (works for which the copyright owner is unknown or cannot be traced) on the delivery of services to the public.
  • Living Steel: Global programme of in-depth telephone interviews with opinion formers in the construction sector to assess perceptions of using steel in residential construction amongst key stakeholders in the US, Japan, China, South Africa, Germany and Finland.

We also have vast experience of stakeholder research and programme evaluation on behalf of Local Authorities, Regional Development Agencies, and a range of other public sector agencies. Outside of this, our team has carried out research in the private sector with a broad range of stakeholders and opinion formers across a plethora of sectors and markets.

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