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Our directors have carried out workshops with both senior decision makers and operational staff across a broad range of leading public and private sector organisations.

Front End Workshops

Workshops at the start of a project can be tailored towards getting key staff and stakeholders on-board with the research. In a workshop situation, we can take time to explain the thinking behind the research, the methodology, and to talk to people involved about what they want to get out of the research.

This helps engagement with the research and can also make staff and stakeholders more accepting of the research findings, and more likely to act on the results.

Back End Workshops

Our senior staff are experienced in delivering action planning workshops to disseminate research findings, tailoring the results by audience (for example, topline figures for board members, more detail for staff on the ground). Rather than simply presenting results, we recommend interactive sessions where staff themselves generate ideas for acting on the results.

This type of activity can be invaluable in helping organisations to set action plans and prioritise actions - by setting actions assigned to individuals, you avoid the research getting put in a cupboard and not being used, thus putting its value into action. 


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