CATI Interviewing Team

Michelle Flanagan | Operations Manager

CATI Interviewing Team Michelle Flanagan Trainee Operations Manager

Michelle started her career off in the education sector and has worked hard to head up the CATI department taking on the role of Operations Manager for CATI Services. Previously, Michelle worked as a Telephone Interviewer in 2013, and was soon promoted to Team Leader and later, Projects Team Leader which makes her an obvious choice to head up the department.

Michelle is responsible for the majority of the goings-on in the CATI Telephone Unit and has helped renew and advance the current procedures and programs that are in use today.   





Nathan Alsop  | Team Leader

Nathan joined DJS Research in November 2017 as a Telephone Interviewer. After finishing his A levels he was unsure of which direction to move in, just knowing that he wanted to work with people.

He began working at DJS Research and quickly realised his passion for B2B interviewing and market research. He made a quick leap from short NPS interviews to in-depth specialized interviews, often working alone and managing his own sample and completes.

Nathan has a natural ability to communicate and relate across the whole company, which made him an obvious choice to move up and lead his own B2B team.

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