Shopper behaviour market research news

The Chatter Zone community have participated in some shopper behaviour market research, which included capturing insight into our parents, kids and teens’ shopping habits.

The online community revealed some interesting insights, such as the types of shops they visit and how frequently they shop.

The shopper behaviour market research revealed some compelling insights which we have made available to you entirely free of charge in the form of a handy infographic, which outlines the parents, kids and teens’ most interesting shopping insights.

Shopper behaviour market research news

Shopper behaviour market research news


Our retail market research experience

Here at DJS Research, we have conducted market research projects for the likes of, JD Williams, Matalan, Asics and Henleys. We are proud of being retail and apparel market research specialists – specialists who will design a personalised market research approach to meet the needs of your business.

Our in-house retail expert has worked on an array of retail and apparel market research projects over the course of her market research career, including segmentation, customer experience (both online and in-store), brand strategy and category review projects.

Chatter Zone’s experience spans across a wide variety of research audiences, such as children, teenagers and adults, and different sales channels including mail order, online and high street stores.

Is retail market research right up your street? If so, please feel free to view our retail sector market research insights and findings, which can be found here: Retail Research Findings. Or for live retail market research updates, feel free to follow our retail sector Twitter account: @DJS_Retail and for Chatter Zone updates, please follow @DJS_ChatterZone

Want to get in touch about the market research?

If you would like to know more about the findings, or how we could help your business with their customer insight or market research strategy, please feel free to give our Research Director, Gill Redfern, a call on 01663 767 757 or reach out to her via email on

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