Sports market research experience

Sport & leisure specialists… 

Our experience ranges from working with Premier League football clubs to popular leisure holiday resorts and everything in-between. 

We are also global, and have recently carried out research looking at corporate sponsorship of sport and cultural initiatives across the UK, Europe and Asia!

We also carried out customer satisfaction research for an established Premier League club for its museum and stadium tours. Customers were approached at the end of the visit and asked to rate a number of aspects of the experience. 

The club was also interested in ‘who’ their customers are, how they booked and what motivated them to attend. Results from the research contributed towards the club’s marketing strategy for the future!

DJS Sports market research experience

A full service agency...

We marry traditional and more innovative techniques from our methodological toolkit, preparing a bespoke research design to meet the needs of each unique client brief. 

Sports research? This is our turf…

Here at DJS Research some of the winning tactics we use are:

  • Product development & proposition testing 
  • Branding & advertising 
  • Website research
  • Behaviour change research
  • Customer satisfaction & customer insight research

What can you expect from us? 

We are committed to delivering high quality research and great value for money: this strategy has resulted in double digit growth each year since the business started, achieving consistent YOY growth since 2001 (26% in 2014). 

Over 90% of our clients say they are ‘very satisfied’ over the last decade, maybe that’s why over two-thirds of our work is repeat business! 

Teachers’ opinions… 

The VoicED Community is our in-house teachers panel, ideal for researching education professionals from across the UK. We have access to more than 60,000 panellists and cover a wide range of topics; from policy and the curriculum to new resources, and from school sports to SEN support.

Access to 60,000 education professionals, from teaching assistants to heads of schools 

We have worked with major stakeholders from across the learning and skills landscape, including universities, major resource providers, government departments, national governing bodies and third sector organisations.

Case Study: Impact of place-based social interventions

We worked with a leading body within the sports sector to carry out a review of the factors which influence the impact of place-based social interventions, in order to help the organisation better implement behaviour change nationwide. We conducted a mixed desk-research and in-depth interview approach, speaking to senior stakeholders from a range of organisations. The majority of this project’s value was in the analysis.

We identified key elements within a range of campaigns which contributed to best practice, utilising a variety of analysis techniques.

Case Study: A Premier League football club 

We conducted a research project for a major ladies’ football team in order to increase match attendance. Our client wanted to identify what were the barriers behind attending a match, and how they could overcome these. We completed 600 online interviews with fans of both the ladies’ and men’s team and a further 10 in-depth telephone interviews with key targeted participants. Our debrief provided detailed feedback on the awareness of certain aspects with the ladies’ team and what could encourage more visitors in the future. It also included audio snippets of the interviews to allow the insight team to hear opinions directly from their fans. Some key suggestions included posting match reports on the main website, playing some games at the men’s stadium, increasing advertising spend in key areas and inviting female footballers to play at charity/testimonial matches.

Do you have your eye on the ball? 

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