Tap water market research

We have extensive experience of conducting water market research in a B2B and B2C capacity, as well as being experts in utilities market research more widely. We have worked with various water companies, regulators and consumer bodies to understand consumer and business attitudes towards and usage of water. Our experience spans the full range of both quantitative and qualitative market research approaches.

Tap water market analysis

In 2015, DJS Research carried out a piece of research, which examined attitudes towards and the consumption habits of tap water both in and out of the home. We spoke to families in the open forum area of our parents, kids and teens market research community, Chatter Zone, who’re on hand to answer questions, complete tasks, test hypotheses and provide opinions, which ultimately allows clients to access insights from the families ‘on-demand’.

The infographic below outlines the key findings DJS Research drew from the tap water market research project.

Tap water market research

From the infographic, it can be seen that attitudes and preferences towards tap water and bottled water changes, with many people preferring to drink bottled water when out of the house and eating at restaurants, whereas tap water is generally preferred at home.

More specifically, the survey found:

  • Out and about: When out of the home, people prefer to use bottles for convenience, especially when travelling by car, however, people are more inclined to take bottled water out and about with them, rather than filling a bottle with tap water.
  • At work: People are encouraged to consume more water in offices which have a water cooler. Individuals in offices without water filters drink significantly less water than those in offices with one, as some individuals feel that their office’s tap water is sub-standard.
  • Eating out: When only soft drinks are being bought at a restaurant, often bottled water or sparkling water is ordered, although, if ordered alongside an alcoholic drink, then tap water is generally ordered.
  • At school: In some schools tap water is not always provided. Some children choose to bring a bottle of tap water to school with them but there is nowhere to refill it once it’s been drunk.
  • Home:Tap water is generally preferred at home, although children in particular do not see it as a treat. Most people prefer to drink cold tap water, which means many people have to run the tap until it is chilled enough.
  • Health:When choosing what to drink, health plays an important role. Parents in particular are motivated to consume tap water for health reasons.
  • Cost:Another reason why people choose to drink water, both at home and out and about, is cost, as taking a bottle of water out with you is cheaper than buying bottled of water from a shop.

To read a full, detailed break-down of the infographic, please click here.

Water market research experience

Tap water market research

With water companies busy delivering their AMP 6 business plans and preparing for NHH Retail reform, the demand for market research in the water sector continues.

Indeed, in the last two years, DJS Research has conducted the following studies for CCW. DJS Research has published research reports in the public domain. For your convenience, we have provided links below to said reports:

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Consumer Council for Water - Testing the Waters: SME customers’ views on water & sewerage services 2014

Consumer Council for Water – Water Matters 2014

Consumer Council for Water – Draft Determination Research


Testimonials from the water and utilities sector include:

"DJS Research took the time to understand our research requirements and responded with a professional proposal that added value to our research objectives and was also very good value for money. The whole project ran smoothly with no delays and was professionally managed throughout. I would be happy to use DJS Research for any future studies and would recommend them to others." United Utilities

“Ali and Lyn were always friendly, approachable, professional and eager to provide a good service.” Yorkshire Water

“DJS has been carrying out customer satisfaction surveys for Southern Water since July 2010. The service provided has been excellent. The team are extremely flexible in meeting our needs and have been invaluable in assisting us in designing our surveys.” Southern Water








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