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Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys

Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys are used to address specific marketing issues or areas of enquiries by collecting data at one point in time from one sample. In other words, Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys are a one-off, deployed on an as-and-when basis to address a particular research need. Where responses and attitudes require tracking over an extended period, continuous market research surveys are more apt.

One such problem a company may face may be a decline in sales of a particular product which was formally a top seller. In order to investigate this problem and understand why there has been such a drastic drop in sales, an Ad Hoc Market Research Survey may be developed. Clearly, this is an example of ad hoc market research as it is a one-time research project designed to examine a specific problem.

Another example could be a nationwide restaurant branch wanting to understand why one restaurant in particular is outperforming all of the other chains. An Ad Hoc Market Research Survey in this instance could delve into the perceptions the brand has in the successful area and then devise a plan in order to duplicate this perception across its other sites. It may be that the client will then, as a result of this ad hoc market research survey, go on to commission continuous surveys in order to track how the change is perceived over time but in order to address the initial problem at hand, an ad hoc market research survey is the appropriate method.

Another situation in which Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys may be used is to test new product concepts. In such cases consumers may be asked to trial new brands or test product prototypes to understand what people like and dislike about new concepts and how they can be amended before entering the market place.

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