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Ad Positioning Statement Testing Market Research

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Ad Positioning Statement Testing Market Research

Ad positioning statement testing is used to define the position of a certain brand in the mind of the consumer. This methodology is used in market research to show companies how their customers, and prospective customers, view their brand. It is often used in comparison to other similar brands or in comparison to where the company wants to be. The positioning of a brand is important to a company because if a possible consumer doesn’t like the brand, they more than likely won’t buy the product. 
Conducting market research into this is crucial for a company and for its brand. Before a research study into the brand positioning is started, the researcher must make sure they have identified the criteria that could improve the brand positioning – such as a slogan. Testing different slogans can be time consuming because of the vast array of choices. For this reason, the researcher must understand the consumer language and tailor the slogans for that. Furthermore, studying the effects of small details about the product (such as mentioning ingredients) on the brand positioning is also time consuming and pointless; for example, studying whether people will buy a product with four more grams of fat.
At the end of testing, the researcher would get a set of quantitative results to analyse and portray back to the company. This makes it easier to write the report, but also for the company to gain a better understanding of what works best for them.

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