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Ad Recall Market Research

The purpose of Ad Recall Market Research is to measure of the effectiveness of advertising. This type of research recognises that simply reaching audiences is not the be all and end all of advertising and that adverts are only worthwhile if consumers know and remember the brand.

A sample of participants is first shown the advert and are then at a later date, asked what and if they remember about the advert. Those that recall seeing the advert and those that do not are then classified into two groups, namely “exposed” and “unexposed”, respectively. Depending on the results, attention may then turn to increasing the effectiveness of the advert in order to reach the previously “unexposed” population.

Ad Recall Market Research can be done on either an aided or an unaided basis.

Aided Ad Recall Market Research, in the first instance, is a measure of the knowledge people have about a particular brands advert when prompted. More widely, this measurement pertains to brand recognition in unearthing how familiar people are with not just the brand name but the ethos that underlies it.

Unaided Ad Recall Market Research, conversely, measures the level of knowledge of a brand without being prompted. This is arguably a more stringent assessment of brand recognition as if it is named by respondents the implication is that the brand is at the top of the mind of consumers.

Unaided Ad Recall Market Research is measured by asking open ended questions without specific reference to either your or any other brand.

In sum, Ad Recall Market Research tests two phases of advertising. The first phase is to determine if participants recall the advert. The second, which is key, is to determine the extent to which viewers associate the given advert with the brand.

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