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Agile Market Research

The idea of ‘agile’ was first used by companies that made and developed products. It was used to connect all the parts of the project, from the planning team to the testing team, to gain a faster customer insight. The separate teams involved in creating a product work together to create a more basic version, which is then released to the public. Research is then conducted into the consumer’s thoughts on the product and then relayed back to the manufacturing company. The process then begins again, but the product released this time will have some additional features added based on the customer feedback. This process is repeated until the final product is launched.
The contrasting methodology to agile is waterfall, which is a more linear strategy. When the waterfall strategy is used, the various teams work separately and the project is passed down an established line until launch. During the project, there will be limited customer feedback about the product, which could cause an issue if there are unforeseen features that have not been added.
A research team will need to fit into these strategies as to work alongside the manufacturing company. Most products, nowadays, are made using the agile approach, meaning any market research performed will need to follow alongside the product. During agile market research, there will be an increased number of smaller studies performed, as opposed to a bigger study at the full launch of a waterfall project.

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