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Alternatives to face-to-face research

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Alternatives to face-to-face research

Alternatives to face-to-face (F2F) market research include a range of digital and more traditional approaches, such as CATI interviewing (telephone interviewing), online surveys or paper-based surveys (postal surveys) for quantitative requirements, or mobile ethnography (e.g. research using a smartphone app), short or longer-term online communities, online focus groups or video and telephone interviews.

DJS Research have a range of alternative and non-traditional research approaches we can access, including our own in-house CATI telephone interviewing unit.

The benefits of alternatives to face-to-face research can include cost, speed of turnaround and the ability to conduct research in some instances or areas where face-to-face approaches are not viable or practical – for instance, where a large geographic spread of responses is needed or in situations where face-to-face contact is not advised or permitted (e.g. some medical or healthcare research scenarios).

To discuss undertaking research using alternative methodologies to face-to-face approaches, please get in contact with our team.

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