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Alumni Market Research

Alumni market research is a type of market research, most often carried out in the higher education sector (although some colleges and larger private schools or school networks do also conduct alumni studies). Alumni market research seeks to understand the views, opinions and current situation of graduates of an education institution – normally a university. This university is often referred to as an alma mater. In some countries, large scale alumni surveys are mandatory – for instance the Destination of Leavers Survey in the United Kingdom.

Both quantitative and qualitative alumni market research can help higher education institutions in a number of ways, including:

  • Benchmarking alumni satisfaction against other universities
  • Segmenting alumni to develop better targeted communications
  • Understanding the views of alumni and using those to further develop the offer for current and future students
  • Gaining case studies from successful alumni to be used in communications
  • Benchmarking the likelihood that a university’s alumni would contribute to the institution, either through donations or volunteer work

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