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Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) Study

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Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) Study

An Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) Study is a particular type of market research study that allows client companies to gain a greater understanding of their market presence, and their strength within the market. As the name suggests, an Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) Study provides insights into market awareness, the general attitude towards the brand and the usage of the brand. This can compare the client’s brand, services and products against those of competitors for each aspect. There is a clear and established sequence of different stages of awareness that customers can progress through; lack of awareness, awareness and initial purchasing of products and finally to brand loyalty.

AAU studies are frequently used for marketing and advertising research. A key benefit of such a study is that clients can track the effectiveness of their advertising in creating awareness and promoting conversion away from competitors’ products over a long period of time. AAU studies also identify who the key competitors are and highlight any weaknesses of the client’s brand when compared to those of competitors. These studies are most useful when tracking long term changes and when clearly benchmarked against a competitor, a previous time period, or different markets.

Various key questions can be asked within an Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) Study. Survey questions could include:

  • Asking whether respondents are aware of the client’s brand or product,
  • Which companies the participant has heard of within the market,
  • How they first heard of the brand/product, how they rate the brand/product,
  • How frequently they buy and use it and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend, colleague or business associate.

Upon gaining detailed insight into the attitude, awareness and usage within the market, the study can suggest beneficial ways to position the brand or products, guide on new product development and even provide the client’s sales department with crucial information that can help generate leads among prospects.

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