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Blind Use Testing

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Blind Use Testing

Blind Use Testing is when certain information or aspects of a product are kept concealed from the tester to ensure there is no bias in their reporting.

Blind Use Testing can be used when clients want to understand the performance of their product against that of their competitors’. By doing this, companies can better understand any areas for improvement and generate key claims for advertising.

Effectively, Blind Use Testing allows a company to gain true feedback and user preference on their product without participants being influenced by any other factors, such as bias or previous experience with it.

Blind Use Testing follows a fairly static process:

  1. Target respondents are screened for eligibility.
  2. Two products – your product and your competitors’ product – are placed separately in front of the screened participants.
  3. All products are de-branded, making them ‘blind’.
  4. Participants are asked to use the first product within a specified time frame.
  5. Our researchers will then ask the respondent questions about the first product they tested.
  6. Participants will then be instructed to use the second product the same way they used the first.
  7. Our researchers will then conduct the exact same interview but, based on the second product tested, we can also ask for preference.

Research findings can then be collated both quantitatively and qualitatively. Initially, a qualitative list can be drafted, detailing all of the vocabulary used by consumers to describe the product in question. The quantitative stage can then be utilised to whittle down the list to only relevant words describing the product(s) tested.

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