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Brand Differentiation

Brand differentiation is a process undertaken by companies who seek to ensure their brand stands out from their competitions’. By singling out unique qualities your product offers and promoting them in a way that best targets your consumers, you are likely to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, which, in turn, should equate to increased market share.

Brand differentiation does not relate to you logo, tagline or slogan. While these elements can distinguish your corporation appearance-wise, they do not necessarily set you apart for your competitors. Brand differentiation, therefore, focuses on what you can offer your customers. To differentiate yourself from similar retailers, in essence, you need to be able to provide something your competition does not.

DJS Research has proven experience of carrying out brand differentiation market research. For example, we carried out research for one of the top five players in the UK sofa market who wanted to understand: more about how it positioned against its competition, how people shop for sofas and how it could change its communications to stand out from the competition.

We organised several focus groups and depth interviews with the clients’ customers to explore their decision making process, attributes they felt were important and the communication process.

DJS then backed up this qualitative research with quantitative research measuring the clients’ brand awareness and image in comparison to that of its competition.

Our in-depth research confirmed that there was confusion in the market. Our client radically changed their advertisement – which stood out from other price driven advertisement for sofas – to touch the emotions of its consumers.

Brand differentiation doesn’t necessarily have to target your company’s advertising campaign, it can come in several forms, including the way you package your products and incorporating new functional features into your product.

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