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Brand Impact Market Research

Brand Impact Market Research is a method used to establish the effectiveness of advertising and brand messaging for a particular brand, product or service. It leads to insights into the strongest possible brand messaging that should be used to gain the maximum impact from the advertising and the brand itself.

As well as discovering the impact of brand messaging and advertising, it is also possible to use Brand Impact Market Research to explore the strength of association between particular messaging and competitors’ brands. The results can then be used to guide the client on strategic decisions about which marketing messages can be used to promote their brand, and which messages are already strongly linked to rival companies, and therefore should be avoided.

Additionally, certain brand messages can differ in strength depending on which brand name it is attached to. Brand Impact Market Research can therefore determine which brands are appropriate for certain types of messaging.

Brand Impact Market Research can also take the form of a tracking survey, whereby the impact of the client’s brand is tracked over time against a benchmark. To do this, it is important to specifically focus on the major factors that trigger brand engagement. For example: when communications and messaging truly piques the interest of the consumer, when consumers hear about the brand through word of mouth, when consumers interact with the brand and finally when they are considering actually purchasing the brand.

In the present day, brand messages and marketing is increasingly linked with the digital world, especially social media. Consumers are spending more time than ever before connected to social media, while this can have a vital role in how consumers discover brands and share this information, but also can be used to advocate or detract from a brand by the use of positive or negative reviews. As a result, this must be taken in to account during Brand Impact Market Research.

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