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Brand Mapping Research

Brand mapping is used in market research to help businesses understand how their brand is performing based on comparisons with their competitors. A common way of using brand mapping effectively is to use a four-quadrant grid with different qualities that the business wants to compare; for example, quality of product. This way it will be easy to see which areas companies are lacking in, compared to their competitors.
To create a successful brand map, the market research company will often interview a group of participants, asking about the specific qualities the company wants to know. They will ask closed questions that illicit quantitative data as to make analysis easier and ensure their data can be put onto a grid. However, this doesn’t take into account the participants thoughts on the brand itself.
Also known as perceptual mapping, brand mapping mainly uses numbers and stats to draw their data from; however, customer perception is more important. The brand equity of a brand matters more than figures because if someone doesn’t like the company, they won’t purchase its products, no matter how much better they are. For example, company A and B sell smartphones and company A has better technology and systems for their phones so score highly on the brand map. However, company B have been selling smart-phones for longer so their customers feel a loyalty to them.

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