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Brand Tracking Market Research

Brand tracking is used to measure the health of a brand based on customer opinion and usage. If done well, brand tracking can show which strategies worked the best to promote the brand and it can also show the better strategies that competitors use. Furthermore, brand tracking is an effective way for a company to show its customers that it values their feedback and is adapting to fit with what they would like. Continuously using brand tracking can flag up any issues within the brand, which can then be solved quickly.
When a research company is performing brand tracking, they will often use methodologies such as a net promoter score. This will allow for quick feedback of how the customer views the brand, while also giving simple quantitative data to analyse.
Brand tracking is effective at providing a deep understanding of the brand and its competitors, allowing action to be taken to improve brand equity and stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, it can provide information on which marketing methodologies work the best. If performed poorly, the data collected could be too generic, which is why specifics within the brand should always be focussed on. 

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