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Commercial Data Processing

Commercial data processing (CDP) covers a wide range of systems that are used by commercial businesses and other organisations worldwide to ensure that data is processed quickly and with very few errors. In commercial companies vast amounts of data need to be processed quickly so that these figures can be accessed immediately and consequent decisions can be made.

Every CDP system is computer aided because computers can accurately process large amounts of data quickly and more efficiently, with less chance of error. Computers can also store large volumes of data providing the memory is big enough. The computers can then transform this data (usually numerical) into information that can be used by businesses. The steps of this process are often shown in The Data Processing Cycle which is outlined below:

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Methods of computer aided data collection and organised storage means that the data can be manipulated in order to form answers to a variety of questions.

Bar codes are the most commonly used method of data input in commerce and are found on many different types of goods, e.g. food products, clothes, books, magazines, newspapers. A vast amount of information is stored in a bar code (country origin, item code and check digit) and once scanned it can help a business make informed decisions. When a barcode is scanned in a shop this is recognised by a computer and stored as raw data. Managers can then access this data and see how many of an item (with the same barcode) has sold, therefore allowing them to know in advance when they may be running low on stock.

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