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Concept Testing

Sometimes referred as market testing, Concept Testing represents a vital aspect of the product development process, utilising both quantitative and qualitative research methods in order to gauge receptiveness towards the concept of potential new products and services to market.

In addition to introductory products, this form of testing can also be helpful in creating a dialogue in order to bring about a change in consumer perceptions regarding pre-established products within the market place.  

Within this form of research respondents will often be asked to observe more than one idea, or version of an idea, giving feedback on each – including what they like and dislike about the concepts - giving them the opportunity to suggest improvements.

An example of a concept testing study would be to show a sample of those who currently use and/or are interested in using online diet services an idea for a new online dieting website – before being introduced to the concept it is useful first to find out what your sample are looking for in similar services or products, including what they currently use and why. They would then be shown material detailing what this website service would contain in terms of content, how it is unique compared to competitor services and what its main aims are. They might also be shown some initial ideas of what this website might look like. The respondents would then be invited to give their feedback on positive and negative areas with explanations of why they feel that way and how they think the poorly rated areas could be improved. The concept can now be refined and developed.

In some concept testing research the study is initiated with a qualitative stage to get rich and detailed feedback from a small amount of respondents, this is then used to refine the idea before testing the developed concept for wider acceptability and desire in a quantitative study with a larger number of sample units.

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