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Consumer Panel Research

Consumer panel research refers to a market research methodology which utilises consumer panels in order to quickly and efficiently understand the prevailing views of a group - whether that be a specific group of consumers (such as over-50s), consumers in a geographic location or members of more specific group. Although members of a 'panel', those in the latter group would often be referred to as a specific panel type; for instance, VoicED is a teacher panel owned and operated by DJS Research and only accepts teachers and education professionals, and we also have our own insight panel for consumers and other respondents which you can sign up to if you wish.

In general terms a consumer panel is a group of consumers within a specific market; it is these consumers whose industry behaviour is believed to be a representative sample of the entire market. By studying such panels marketers are able to determine the attitudes, values and beliefs of consumers and gain an understanding of the total market.

Consumer panel research is, nowadays, often carried out online and can consist of many hundreds or thousands of respondents. It is through these online panels that marketers are able to gain sector specific insights quickly and inexpensively.

Such a methodology has further benefits, some of which include; the ability to mix both qualitative and quantitative feedback; to integrate engagement touch points, such as audio, video and imagery; and to incorporate branding. Furthermore, as consumer panel research is more often than not incentivised panel respondents have a much greater willingness to partake in surveys.

However, not too long ago when marketers had not been exposed to online panel research, it was largely carried out, and often still is, by Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). This research method is still particularly useful for business to business audiences.

DJS Research has recently launched its own online teacher research panel called Voiced. VoicED encourages educational professionals to ‘share views to shape education’. We also opoerate our own consumer insight panel.

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