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Content Market Research Analysis

When sifting through large volumes of research data, Content Market Research Analysis can be a really helpful technique for the truncation of reams of text into smaller, more compressed, content categories.

The methodology for this form of analysis is to identify and select messages based upon a set of codes, quickly reducing volumes in order to aid the process of analysis and insight identification. Researchers can find content analysis to be a key tool when examining themes within verbal materials, documents and recordings, combining data into manageable groups allowing for the thorough understanding of the material.

In comparison to other forms of data analysis systems, Content Market Research Analysis offers insights into cultural concepts and themes not often recognized by such mechanisms, using natural language processing to understand trends across a variety of information sets in a number of foreign languages. By using this form of analysis one benefits from the removal of subjectivity from summaries. Therefore, when used in addition to personal evaluation, it can provide a thorough and comprehensive review of the research conducted.     

One of the key benefits of content analysis is the ability to compare trends in sets of data over time and comparing this data to a pre-determined variable, an example of this may be to look at a political public opinion poll, using the analysis to measure the level of sentiment towards a particular party and how this may relate to changes in policy, providing an entirely objective comparison.

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