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Customer Journey Mapping Research

Customer journey mapping is used by brands to understand the procedure that a consumer has been through in order to interact with their brand. This data can help a company understand how a customer may have come across their brand and where prospective customers are likely to come from. In order to create a good customer journey map, all points of contact with the brand must be shown, to allow the company to fully understand how all the different touchpoints interact with each other along the way. Customer journey mapping will also give an insight into what the consumer is looking for, helping a company to improve their customer service. It is also a good way to show customers that their feedback is valued, especially if a company acts quickly on the responses given. 
Customer journey mapping is effective at helping a company understand what the customer wants and what can make the process of interacting with the brand easier. Furthermore, using a customer journey map can help identify the difference in what the consumer expects customer services to be like, and what it is actually like. This then allows a company the opportunity to act and improve their service. This, in turn, allows an easy way to bring all the parts of a company together, making the journey for the consumer better.

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