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Customer Profiling

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Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling is a method used to get an accurate understanding of your consumers to help you make informed, beneficial decisions to your company’s strategy. Customer profiling involves breaking your overall customer-base down into sub-groups who share similar goals and characteristics, so that each division can be appropriately targeted and tailored towards.

DJS Research has demonstrable experience in conduction Customer Profiling in conjunction with New Concept Development.

One example includes research we conducted for a spa client who wanted to understand the profile of their customers and enquirers in terms of their demographics and spa and beauty product habits.

Initially, some new, potential spa and beauty products were presented to participants and they were asked to share their views. DJS then cohesively worked with the spa client to develop a suitable online survey and disseminated the survey using the client’s existing customer database.

This research helped our client to understand not only their current customers, but also their potential customers in terms of their profile and spa and beauty product behaviour. Additionally, the evaluation of the new spa products helped our client understand how to optimise the new products to ensure maximum appeal.

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