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Diary Panel Market Research

Diary panel market research is a qualitative research method whereby a selection of respondents will be asked to keep a record of their experiences or observations over a particular period of time. This method is predominantly used in analysis of media and advertising but has also produced good results in other sectors. For example advertising companies may like to use diary panel market research to assess when people are most likely to view their advert, how they feel after watching the advert and whether it makes them more inclined to buy the product.

A new approach to this method is to use mobile phones as a diary to record people’s experiences and observations this is very efficient in assessing respondent’s impressions. Also, as they are fresh in people’s minds, it also adds an additional dimension in which location-specific details such as GPS can be analysed to look at respondent’s consumption habits and preferences. This fairly recent updated version of dairy panel market research may be preferable for more tech-savvy respondents.

The original method of writing in a diary is still a popular research tool. Many different sectors may want to use this method particularly during times of monitoring for instance a baby milk formula company may want mothers to detail her baby’s progress when feeding them formula milk until they introduce them to baby food. By allowing mothers to write their baby’s progress in a diary the client would be able to have a timed record of change, a mother may take interest and be keen to record this making the notes precise. From a researcher’s point of view, this may be more time-consuming than perhaps an interview or even a mobile phone diary due to the amount of paper and the lengthy coding process involved in assessing each diary. However, the results produced can often be good-quality and successful.

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