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The European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) was founded in 1948 and has over 4,900 members in over 130 countries. The objectives of the Society include:

  • The promotion of the use of marketing, social and opinion research as a useful foundation for good quality management decisions in  public and private sectors internationally.
  • To aid the career progression and interest of members.
  • To encourage a high level of professional conduct among members.
  • To sustain a code of ethical practice and abide by this.
  • To advise and continue to learn about national and/or international legislation and judicial decisions.
  • To widen members’ knowledge and allow them to progress with their career through the use of seminars, annual events, meetings and publications.
  • To engage and remain open to other ideas and areas which may be of interest to members.

ESOMAR provide both individual and co-operate memberships. Benefits for an individual member can include access to research papers and reports and a list of other members for future communication and networking opportunities.

An ESOMAR cooperate agency membership provides a company with credibility in the sector and recognition for being able to uphold good quality practice within market research. ESOMAR would also enable employers to learn to keep up to date with the emerging techniques applied to research, important in the ever-changing industry.

ESOMAR is also a non-profit organisation. The headquarters are in Amsterdam, Holland.

Despite being based in Amsterdam, the organisation often holds events, seminars and meetings all across Europe.

Currently, the company has up to 50 employees.

DJS Research has been a Member of ESOMAR for a number of years.

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