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Education Marketing Research

Education marketing research is, essentially, research in to the education sector. The breadth of this sector means that it is often considered in small parts - such as higher education as opposed to primary education and secondary school education. There are numerous aspects which may be considered, some more obvious - such as student and staff satisfaction, course reviews and alumni surveys - whilst others may initially seem less relevant (i.e. branding exercises, new course development).

With the recent changes in course fees, higher education institutions in particular appear to be looking to become more 'customer driven' and thus research is becoming increasingly important to understand what students see as key points of differentiation. In addition, there are also frequent changes to the national curriculum for instance, which means many companies - including those who may and sell teaching resources and awarding bodies for instance - are seeking to understand what modern teachers and teaching assistants want from their services.

DJS Research Ltd has vast experience in education marketing research and has completed projects across the entire spectrum of the industry. In addition, the agency also own and operate the VoicED Education Community - an online education market research panel.

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