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Executive Summary

An executive summary can often be found towards the end of the research process. Usually the executive summary will be written into the final report by the researchers, in order for the client to understand the overall project.

The executive summary can normally be found within the report rather than presented to the client verbally.

The executive summary should act like a brief synopsis of the process. An example of an executive summary may start with stating the purpose of the project, the type of research used and the number of respondents who took part. It would then continue to describe the key findings and insights discovered from the research and what this reveals.

It is unlikely the executive summary will contain any recommendations or specific details as it is purely meant to inform the client of the essential elements of the research.

Bullet points and short paragraphs are usually sufficient in an executive summary. The report would then go into further detail. An executive summary differs from an abstract as it is usually more concise giving a general overview, whereas an abstract will describe the overall the project.

The executive summary can also act as a marketing tool if any potential clients were to be interested in conducting research with that particular company. Depending on the project an executive summary may not be necessary if the researcher is able to present the findings well verbally to the client.

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