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Exit Interview Market Research

An exit interview is a face-to-face research method performed when a customer is departing. Usually undertaken at shops, exit interviews are designed to assess the consumer’s thoughts about their visit; what they liked and what they think the company could improve on. Companies will also seek out participants who no longer want to work with that company, so they can understand the reason for wanting to switch to a competitor or change occupation. This can often be with competitors because of the specific skill set the employee has gained while working there.
A further use for exit interviews is that they can somewhat make amends for the wrongdoings in the eyes of the leaving customer. An exit interview shows that the company cares about their customers, especially if they act quickly on the feedback. This may encourage the customer to return if the company can show their improvements or, at a minimum, express a positive opinion on the company to someone else.
Exit interviews require a questionnaire with a variety of closed and open questions. Closed questions are used to gain a bit of specific information about the respondent but also to keep the interview shorter to give them the best chance at completion. Open questions, however, are used to gain a bigger insight into the exact reason they decided to leave or about a fault in the company.

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