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Eye Tracking Market Research

Eye tracking is used in market research to pin-point where someone is looking at any given moment. The method is accessible by using an on-screen tracker for virtual scenarios, or by wearing a device in a more real-world setting. The versatility and numerous different places in which eye tracking can be used has resulted in an increase of usage recently. However, there are situations where the method isn’t suitable so it can give misleading results in some circumstances. 
For example, wearable eye trackers are most effectively used when walking around a shop to see what grabs the attention of a shopper, and what is merely brushed over. This allows insight into what an average person would see when out shopping. On the other hand, an on-screen eye tracker can be less reliable as it wouldn’t be as likely to be used in a real-life situation. Virtual eye tracking can still be effective in determining what the most noticeable products, or features of products, are. An on-screen eye tracker also makes it easier for the researcher to test a variety of different products quicker as they have more control over what the participant sees.

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