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GANTT Chart for Market Research

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GANTT Chart for Market Research

A GANTT chart is a horizontal bar chart used to show key dates in a project including the start and finish. In market research, it is used to plan a project effectively, to help reduce stress and to help the project be more time efficient. A well-made GANTT chart will show which tasks can be done in parallel with each other, and which have to follow a specific timeline to complete in order. It can also show which parts of a project are a main priority and which can be delayed a short time.
To make an effective GANTT chart, the first action is to list the objectives and goals of the project so the tasks in the chart are all directed towards the main aim of the study. Next, realistic dates should be set out – not too short to ensure the project is completed, but not too long to make sure it is performed in the most time efficient way. Once the goals and timings have been decided, the tasks must be listed so the team can do their work in parallel to others and separately. Furthermore, the tasks should be assigned to specific people to ensure no confusion about who is doing what. Finally, the project can begin; however, the progress of each task must be monitored and evaluated regularly to make sure the project being completed at the desired pace and finished on time.

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