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Gamification Market Research

In recent years there has been an increase in the use of online surveys for market research purposes. It has been found that the visual impact and the enjoyment of taking a survey increases the quantity and quality of the responses. Therefore, the design of any market research surveys is vital to the successful acquisition of data.

The idea of gamified market research is a method of making questions more ‘game-like’, by changing the wording of questions, humanising them and making them more engaging to the respondent. Examples of this can include adding rules to the question such as asking respondents to answer in a specific number of words, introducing a competitive aspect such as answering against the clock, providing a reward scheme such as awarding points for certain responses, and by supplying instant feedback on the success of their answers.

It has been found that gamified surveys can dramatically improve response rates, with respondents taking more time to answer the questions, therefore also improving the quality of the information gained from the responses. This is because the surveys are more enjoyable to complete and are more engaging. Though this tends to apply to online surveys, it is not the only area of market research that can use gamification.

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