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Higher Education Market Research

Higher education market research involves utilising all of the methodologies available in the wider research sphere, but applying them specifically to the higher education sector - including universities most commonly, but also colleges of further education, distance learning providers and other institutions offering advanced study such as academic degrees or vocational qualifications.

Research in the higher education industry may cover a number of topics, such as branding, course design, student satisfaction, staff satisfaction, learner destination surveys, new course development and reputation studies. One of the most well-known studies in this sector is the National Student Survey, which is completed annually and goes some way towards scoring higher education institutions in some performance tables - often provided in newspapers for instance.

Higher education market research may also look in to the effects of potential effects of government policies or other regulatory changes - for instance, the recent increase in tuition fees.

DJS Research Ltd is highly experienced in researching the education sector as a whole, but particularly in higher education market research where they have worked with major universities such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Manchester and Imperial College London. In addition, DJS also have access to the VoicED Education Community, an online panel owned and operated by the company which holds details of many thousands of teachers, lecturers and other education professionals purely for the purpose of education market research.

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