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Incentive - Market Research

In market research terminology, an incentive is a gift or payment made to respondents in return for them taking part in a research project. Incentives vary depending on the length of a survey, the nature of the methodology and the type of respondents being surveyed. Typically, a respondent who is involved in a one hour focus group would recieve a larger incentive than someone involved in a 5 minute survey or a hall test, for instance.

Incentives are utilised by research agencies in order to increase the response rate for a given piece of research - essentially, people are often more likely to be willing to give up their time to take part in a survey or qualitative interview if they are being rewarded for doing so.

As part of our charity of the year scheme, DJS Research Ltd encourage respondents to donate their incentives to our nominated charity - although respondents are of course free to choose to keep any incentives for themselves.

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