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Intercept Research Interviews

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Intercept Research Interviews

An intercept interview is a market research technique used to gather on-sight information from the consumer. Commonly used in shops and restaurants, it is a simple way to access the target population and the use of a good questionnaire means it is quick for the respondent. Intercept interviews aim to get the initial, real response off the consumer - unlike other methodologies performed after the event. They are also effective when the research study requires specific people, because a target population can often be hard to find. 
Based on what research study is being done, the timing of the intercept will change. For example, if the study is about why people decide to shop there, the interview is conducted on the consumer’s way in. However, if the study is regarding the experience, the interview is performed on their way out.
Most interviews will last 5-10 minutes to ensure a respondent is able to complete it. However, the researcher will often observe the customer for about 20 minutes prior to the interception happening, allowing for a more personalised interview and a larger amount of more useful data. 
Intercept interviews can also be used to gather information about what the demographic of the target population is, as well as what they think. This is useful as it can allow the company to make the experience better for their customers.

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