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International Market Research Companies

International Market Research Companies are market research companies that conduct qualitative research, quantitative research or a mixture of the two, for consumer or B2B marketing projects in several different countries and geographic areas.

The responses gained by international market research companies in these projects may differ from country to country, and therefore make it possible to identify a need for clients to devise different marketing strategies in each of the different countries. Alternatively the results may demonstrate that the same strategy could be used across all regions effectively. This decision is known as ‘area strategy’. 

The work of international market research companies can especially benefit large, global companies in their future marketing strategy, and influence any region-specific decisions that need to be made by these organisations. The results and insights of the research can identify new business opportunities.

International market research companies tend to employ experts with a wide knowledge-base and plenty of experience working with a variety of products, industries and sectors, as well as those who have a range of international experience and language skills. Their aim is to provide the required information quickly and precisely, in order for the results to be used most effectively by the client company on an international scale, before their competitors identify similar results.

To ensure that projects of the highest quality are carried out, international market research companies often utilise the skills of native language speaking interviewers. This guarantees that interviews and surveys undertaken in other countries can achieve results that are just as accurate as those for projects carried out in the country that the market research company is based. 

DJS Research Ltd is one of these full service international market research companies, and carries out research projects for global clients in various different countries around the world. To date, DJS Research consultants have conducted research in more than seventy countries worldwide. Many of the projects carried out by DJS have been on a large scale, involving multiple countries in the same project.

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