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Market Entry and Market Sizing Research

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Market Entry and Market Sizing Research

Market Entry and Market Sizing research is conducted before entering a new market, expanding within an existing market or releasing a new product. Market Entry and Market Sizing is essential in order for you to understand the size of the market you are venturing into and how much total revenue is available in that market. Conducting this type of research, in essence, aims to reduce the likelihood of any possible implications that may arise from your new investment.

DJS Research thoroughly explores three key areas when carrying out market sizing exercises – broad overview, detailed understanding and pulling together. The points below show the types of questions our market sizing exercises will be able to answer – this is usually through a combination of qualitative research (to understand the market), quantitative research (to measure the market) and desk research to assess the competition.

Broad Overview:

-Who are the target customers?
-How many are there?
-Who are the competitors?
-Approximate sizes and trends.

Detailed Understanding:

-What retailers do they currently use and why?
-What factors play a part when buying clothing/accessories and why?
-Does the current market meet their needs?
-What do they think of your new proposition?
-How likely are they to use it?

Pulling Together:

-What is the experience (and what are the plans) of those already in the market?
-Sizes and trends.

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