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Market Research Brief

A market research brief is a document written by the client, that should outline what they wish to find out during the research study. The aim of the brief is to allow the researcher to confidently plan and conduct a study. It is expected that the client has thought about the problems thoroughly and has set objectives, although these may be changed as discussions about the brief take place.
Often the reason that a research study needs to be completed is because of a problem that a company wants to uncover and resolve. In the brief, the client should outline this problem and ensure the researcher understands the stages leading up to the issue. Next in the brief should be a description of the product and market so the researcher knows as much information as possible. The more the researcher understands, the better they can tailor the study for the product. Furthermore, a clear statement of the objectives should be included, however this can be thought out with the researcher if the client has limited knowledge. Before the research study begins, the researcher should be made aware of any financial or time limits the client has.
A good research brief should mean the researcher can feel assured that when they start the research study, they are aiming to find the correct information. It should allow the researcher to find the best methodology for the particular study, making it easier, quicker and more cost-efficient for the client.

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