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Market Research Code of Conduct

The market research code of conducted is a list of regulations that market researchers follow when conducting a research study. It outlines the responsibilities of the researchers towards the participants and the data found. The UK professional body for research (Market Research Society) has established a code of conduct which all of its members must follow. This allows support for members but also increases confidence in the public that market research is being performed ethically and within the guidelines.
All code of conducts range from the protection of the participant to the confidentiality of the data - to ensure the reputation of the industry is not tarnished at any point. Research bodies such as the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) have their own code of conduct specifically for members, however most market research code of conducts will share the same points as they are all trying to achieve the same thing.
Code of conducts are sometimes changed to abide with new laws and regulations, such as the UK Data Protection Act of 2018. However, they will have similarities to the first code of conducts established in the mid-20th century. For example, the Market Research Society code of conduct was first published in 1954 with the most recent change being in 2019. The ESOMAR code of conduct was first made in 1948 having been changed in 2017.

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