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Market Research Companies List

A market research companies list is essentially a list of market research agencies either in the UK, or of international market research companies worldwide.

Perhaps the easiest location to find market research companies lists is on the websites of national and international market research society organisations. The European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), tasks itself with safeguarding the interests of the Market, Social and Opinion Research industries on a global level. As one of the main global regulatory bodies in the market research industry, it aims to ensure that international best practice is adhered to by its associate members, and that they follow a code of ethical practice. With over five thousand members in around 130 countries, ESOMAR is an ideal place to find a market research companies list. The ESOMAR website has a simple search tool, with the ability to filter by country to find market research companies from among its thousands of worldwide members. 

The Alliance of International Market Research Institutes (AIMRI) is another global body which has a range of market research company members. The AIMRI website also has a market research companies list.

In the UK, the Market Research Society (MRS) is the national member association for market research companies, and provides a UK market research companies list on its website. Another organisation, the Association of Qualitative Research (AQR) is an organisation that aims to maintain the quality of qualitative research, of which individuals within the market research industry can become members. The AQR website provides a search directory of both the individuals who are members, and the market research companies that these individual members work for.

DJS Research Ltd, being a full service market research agency, is an affiliated member of ESOMAR, AIMRI and the MRS, and also holds individual memberships to AQR. DJS Research is accordingly among the names on the top market research companies list for the UK. DJS Research also carries out many international projects, and have so far completed research in over seventy countries worldwide.

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