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Market Research Companies UK

UK market research companies are regulated by the Market Research Society and the majority abide by that body’s Code of Conduct – a strict set of guidelines outlining what is an acceptable form of market research in the UK and what is not.

Globally, there are many thousands of market research companies. UK figures, released as part of the ‘Business of Evidence Report’ in October 2012, suggest that market research is a bigger industry than the UK music sector and is similar (in terms of contribution to GDP) to the newspaper industry. This is actually around 50% larger than had previously been estimated – and takes in to account the fact that market research in the UK is no longer the preserve of those describing themselves as market research agencies or consultancies, but also takes in to account a wide array of other businesses carrying out research.

Market research companies in the UK (and abroad) tend to offer qualitative or quantitative services – or a mix of the two. You can find out more about these two approaches by clicking the links in this text.

Market research companies (UK based) account for around 40,000 full time jobs in the economy, and 60% of these employees are based in London and the South East – representing a value of around £1.8 billion to the economy of the Greater London area. Despite being based in the UK, market research companies are heavy exporters of innovations and services, with around a third (33%) of agencies’ turnover being generated from international sources annually.

A list of some UK market research companies and organisations carrying out research (as of 2012) would include:

DJS Research Ltd, TNS Research International, Dunhumby, Ipsos MORI, VoicED Education Community, Millward Brown, GfK NOP, Kantar Media, ICM, AC Nielsen, Mintel, Datamonitor, Synovate.

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