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Market Research Hostess

A market research hostess, which is sometimes referred to as a qualitative assistant, is an individual who is present for assistance at focus group discussions.

The main responsibilities of a market research hostess would include greeting the focus group respondents and any of the members from the client, who have come to observe the focus group as they enter the room; rescreening the respondents and making sure they are comfortable, as well as offering tea and coffee.

They may also audio and video record if it is necessary, prepare name tags, manage incentives and act as a point of contact for anyone in the room. They would generally arrive earlier than everyone else to set up the room and get their bearings. Hostesses primarily work on a freelance basis. However, they may be employed by the market research company and undertake administration tasks and basic office duties or be an assistant to the researcher, helping them on the day.

Skills required to be a market research hostess would include: a high level of communication skills, organisation skills, punctuality and reliability also the ability to act professional with clients and the general public. Experience in customer service and working with audio or video recording equipment is desired but not always necessary.

A market research hostess is usually only employed by a market research company when there are several different focus groups happening in one day. For instance a project requires three different focus groups the first at 3pm, the second at 5pm and the third at 7pm. A market research hostess would be useful in this case as she could maintain organisation between sessions and the researcher could moderate without interruption.

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