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Market Research Incentives

Market research incentives are used to urge people to partake in the research; this could be for a focus group, interview or even a survey.
The incentives are monetary or non- monetary. Monetary incentives can range in value depending on the project, the respondents and the time it will take to conduct the research.

Vouchers can also be effective if they are relevant to the group demographic. For instance, music vouchers or shopping vouchers may be an effective incentive for respondents, who are young adults.

Online vouchers can work particularly well as they are easy for the researcher to buy and distribute. They can also be more cost-effective compared to shop bought vouchers when purchased in bulk.

Non-monetary incentives can include: free gifts, for instance if a researcher was interviewing a group of regular swimmers you may offer them a small towel and a pair of goggles. The weight of the gift should be considered if it is going to be posted, and it is best to conduct some comparisons to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Other non-monetary research incentives commonly given are a free lunch, it is important to be aware of the group’s dietary needs before purchasing any food or sharing the results after the project, this may attract to people passionate about the research. An alternative incentive could be to ask respondents to give a charitable donation. This tends to appeal to a person’s philanthropic nature.  Although, it is advised that the researcher should pick the charity before the research begins as opposed to allowing the respondent to choose their own, adding to the time and logistics of the research.

Deciding upon an incentive can be difficult and a researcher must consider the project itself, how much of the respondent’s time the research will take, the nature of the sample and any ethical issues that may arise with some incentives. However, incentives are usually a very effective way of encouraging people to respond and take part in the research project.

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