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Market Research Interviewer

A Market Research Interviewer, usually over the phone or face-to-face on the street, will make contact with members of the public, that fall within the prescribed target market, to gather their attitudes and opinions through the use of pre-prepared surveys. Before undertaking interviews, the Market Research Interviewer will be briefed on what it is that the commissioning organisation wants to find out about. The topics of interest a Market Research Interviewer will be asking about vary greatly, depending on the organisation that commissions the research. Advertising agencies, the government, and charities are just a few examples of the sorts of bodies who will need Market Research Interviewers to carry out surveys for them.

In order to fulfil the role competently, a Market Research Interviewer will need to have excellent interpersonal skills. Firstly, they will need to persuade people to take part. Secondly, they will have to speak clearly and coherently so that the respondent is able to fully understand what is being asked of them. Thirdly, the Market Research Interviewer will have to make use of their listening skills in order to ensure they accurately capture the views and opinions expressed by the participant.

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