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Market Research Moderator

A market research moderator is responsible for ensuring the discussion in a focus group runs smoothly. They are also responsible for introducing new and relevant topics to the discussion to ensure the requirements of the research study are met. During the study, the moderator has to remain neutral as to not alter the opinions of the participants.
Good market research moderators take note of verbal answers as well as being aware of the non-verbal signals the respondents give, meaning they must have good listening and awareness skills. Furthermore, the moderator must be trusted by the researcher, as to ensure the research study is as reliable as possible. Some moderators also find it useful to prepare what they are going to say to the participants, especially when they first meet, in order to allow the participants to have trust in the study.
Often, when performing group-based studies, the participants aren’t completely in the know about what the study is actually testing; therefore, they might give answers that bear no relevance, or little relevance to the study. It is then the moderator’s job to move the conversation back to the correct topics, without revealing the full purpose of the research study. The moderator could also ask questions that have little impact on the findings as to enclose the full purpose of the study.

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