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Market Research Online Community (MROC)

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Market Research Online Community (MROC)

The concept of a market research online community is loosely based around social media platforms. The community consists of a closed group of members that converse about a specific topic related to market research. The best communities will have between 25 and 75 highly engaged members at any point; any more than this and the discussion may become diluted.
A market research online community can provide researchers with quick data at short notice meaning they are effective when immediate feedback is needed. On the other hand, the discussions can last for months, or even years, if the study requires it. This allows for the respondents to be guided through complex topics over an extended period of time. Especially when the discussion is over a longer duration, the participants should be rewarded for their time and knowledge. Gift cards, coupons and vouchers are popular in the community because monetary rewards can’t guarantee the preferred results.
The understanding and knowledge individuals have on given topics can be shown in a variety of different ways. Market research online community members contribute primarily through the use of video recordings and blog entries and are actively encouraged to do so.
The nature of a market research online community means the participants have to have signed up themselves, which shows they have an interest in the topic. An MROC also allows for the researcher to have a group of respondents ready to answer any survey or questionnaire quickly.

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