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Mini Groups

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Mini Groups

Mini groups are similar to a focus group only smaller they can contain between 2 and 5 people. Mini groups are a qualitative research method. They may be used when the topic area is difficult and may need to be explained to respondents more clearly.

Mini groups may originate from focus groups when respondents may be hard to reach and only a few come forward to conduct the research. This could be because the topic is a sensitive subject. In this case incentives may be used to entice respondents to come forward. It can usually last for up to an hour and a half, a shorter amount of time than a normal sized focus group. Mini groups provide an intimate setting whereby the researcher may be able gain rich and in-depth information as group dynamics may play less of a factor, all respondents should be able to have their say. When holding a mini group session the researcher should consider the venue as it may be possible to conduct the discussion in a public setting to save costs unless the subject was sensitive then an office room may be considered as opposed to hiring out a hall which may be used in bigger focus group discussions.

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