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Multi-Client Market Research

Multi-client market research is the phrase used to describe a project when the cost and findings from the study are shared among at least two different clients. The clients decide how they split the cost and decide upon how the data will be shared. They are often used when a client doesn’t have the funds to afford the study, or when two people want to know the same information. All the clients will be able to have their say at each point of the research study to ensure everyone is getting what they view as value for money.
Multi-client market research projects are also commonly used as a way to perform a research study on behalf of a whole industry. These are often performed for clients or in an attempt to boost the industry as a whole after a fall-off in sales. 
A multi-client research study will follow the same guidelines as any other study; however, the data collection must suit everyone involved, which could make the study harder for the researcher. Some of the clients might have strong ethical views that could affect the way in which the study is carried out. All clients must also be satisfied with the analysis and the amount of information they gain out of the research study; meaning more data would need to be collected or shared.

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