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Observational Techniques Market Research

Observational techniques, or observation, is the process of viewing phenomena in their naturally occuring setting. In market research, this can be a stand alone form of research methodology, or can form part of a larger project and be combined with other methods.

Observational techniques cover numerous different types of research, including watching individuals or groups as they undertake a task, watching a product or item in use to understand how it could be improved, observing the number individuals entering or leaving a store or other building or area, or content analysis of products like magazines, newspapers, websites and other written materials to understand the issues they cover or the most common forms of advertising for instance.

In addition, there are also several newer applications, such as eye-tracking - a process which observes slight changes in an individuals eye movement as they watch advertisements or television for instance. This can then be used to understand the ideal place to position a product, or to measure the amount of time a brand is being viewed during an advert as opposed to other elements on the screen.

A key advantage of observational techniques market research is that the data is collected as the action is taking place, therefore removing the margin of error which is brought about when respondents are asked to recall their actions, thoughts or feelings.

DJS Research Ltd offer observation as a research methodology and have wide-ranging experience with the methodology.

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