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Online Survey Tools

In utilising an online interface, online survey tools provide a quick, easy, and cost-effective means of delivering surveys, and analysis of the results yielded, through one, centralised system. Online survey tools allow the user to easily define and design the survey questions and send web-links to prospective respondents. Due to the ease with which they can be designed and distributed, the scope and response rates to questionnaires designed using online survey tools tend to be higher than that of paper or telephone interviews. Furthermore, the online survey tool packages themselves are relatively inexpensive and additional savings are made in avoiding printing costs.

However, whilst online survey tools provide users with a quick and inexpensive platform from which they can gather necessary data, careful consideration is required before opting to use this method. When using online survey tools, there is an inherent reliance on your target audience having access to the internet or having the necessary computer skills to complete them. For example, using online survey tools for research in an area or country where internet access is limited, you risk gathering data that is skewed or unrepresentative. Another potential pitfall in making use of online survey tools is that those with visual impairments will be unable to partake. In sum, whilst online survey tools provide a low-cost, high-speed format from which data can be collected, care needs to be taken by those making use of online survey tools to guarantee their target audience can be reached via this method.

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